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Emma Ruiz

Emma Ruiz

Holistic Transformational Mental and Emotional Health Expert

As a Holistic Transformational Mental Health expert and renowned Gestalt therapist, Emma Ruiz believes the body and the mind are interdependent.  For nearly a decade, she has taken her clients from overwhelm to alignment; anxiety to peace; from lost to connected; and from fear to joy.  

Emma works with high-achieving men and women who want to take their lives and careers to the next level.  Through transformational emotional, psychological, energetic and lifestyle support, she helps her clients thrive in all areas of their life.  

He clients are ready to commit to themselves and let go of what no longer serves them by embracing their true selves through self-responsibility, self-love and acceptance. 

In her prior work, he also holds 25+ years experience in education, and as a trained Montessori Infant teacher, she co-founded a bilingual Montessori Nursery in Barcelona.  

 She later specialized in teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) and teaching adults. She acquired her DELTA (diploma for English language teacher of adults) and dedicated many fulfilling years to teaching English in multinational companies in Spain.  Her professionalism, paired with her warm approach, made her classes very popular amongst her students, who were always happy to attend.  Emma’s classes were not only an opportunity to learn and practice their English, but also a safe place to talk about their daily difficulties related to work and even personal life.  Some classes were like coaching sessions!  Towards the end of her teaching career, Emma saw that her “Ikigai” (“meaning for life” in Japanese) was supporting men and women to be their best version of themselves.

 Emma’s path to becoming a wellness guru started at an early age. Emma was the eldest of 4, and when she was only 17 months old, her sister was born. Emma felt abandoned and with an embedded resentment and jealousy towards her sister that persisted for years. That was the beginning of Emma’s story, and stories matter: they shape who we are. 

 These feelings would later provide Emma with a deep understanding of the power and influence of personal narratives.This concept is the foundation of her transformative and signature 8-month one-to-one healing journey, “Thrive! A Transformational Program.

 In that journey, she uses her signature “Emma Ruiz  Method” to guide her clients into transformational healing.

 Her popular destination offering is “Thrive! A Transformational Retreat,” a culmination of her expertise and savoir-faire. During a one-of-a-kind immersive seven-day experience at a luxury resort in Portugal, participants have the opportunity to heal and grow in therapeutic group sessions. They rejoice during their personal interaction session with horses, free their creativity in an extraordinary art session, tune in with the horses energies in the fields, while giving their bodies, mind and spirit the self-care and self-love they desire.

Throughout her youth, Emma exhibited an insatiable curiosity for wellness and self-improvement. Her early fascination with product labels hinted at a future nutritionist, while her affinity for self-help and spiritual development literature pointed to her eventual profession as a mental health expert.

Despite being an honors student with a reputation for strength and determination, Emma recognized that her self-esteem and self-awareness needed nurturing. This epiphany led her down various avenues of self-discovery, including spiritual groups and wellness retreats, ultimately culminating in her encounter with a Gestalt therapist that would change her life’s trajectory.

Three months into her own therapy, in 2013, she discovered her passion and true calling. She ended her second marriage, trained as a Gestalt therapist, committed to intensive therapy, and embarked on her mission of guiding others on their path to self-discovery—leaving behind three decades of teaching children, teens and adults to embrace her new path. 

As they say, the rest is history. Emma is making her mark for clients from around the world.

Emma is the proud mother of Séan. She loves to dance, have meaningful connections and conversations with friends, enjoys reading, watching films, going for long walks, traveling and good food.  She leads her life through the values of integrity, alignment, joy, love, friendship, health, purpose, family, spirituality, abundance, generosity, nature, learning, respect, entrepreneurship, intimacy, time, healing, empathy, truth, companionship and passion.


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