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Here are a few reasons why going to therapy with your partner is a good idea:

  1. Poor communication with your partner
  2. A desire to improve your relationship
  3. Feeling distant from your partner
  4. Having the same fight over and over again without resolution
  5. Feelings of boredom or numbness about your relationship
  6. Feeling like you’re not getting something you need (for example, time or affection)
  7. The presence of a betrayal (an affair or unfaithfulness)
  8. Considering a divorce or wondering if you should break up
  9. Feeling too attached to one another (codependency)
  10. The presence of past traumas that show up in your relationship

Don’t wait until the relationship is too deteriorated to do something about it.


But also, therapy can benefit an already healthy relationship:

  1. A desire to set a strong foundation before marriage (premarital counseling)
  2. Learning how to draw contracts and boundaries that make both of you happy
  3. Wanting to learn how to have healthy conflict
  4. Tackling a big life event (like moving, a new job, or a tough decision)
  5. Managing the transition from couplehood to new parenthood
  6. Managing the transition from parenthood to empty nesting
  7. Wanting to grow and feel closer together
  8. Improve connection and communication
  9. Having the best relationship ever!


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