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Is Gestalt Therapy What I Need?

The Therapy of Awareness and Self-responsibility in the Now

Gestalt therapy was developed by Fritz Perls, his wife, Laura Perls and Paul Goodman in the 1940’s. It is an experiential and humanistic form of therapy, originally designed as an alternative to conventional psychoanalysis. The word Gestalt comes from the German and it means shape, form, whole.

It is a person-centered therapy and places emphasis on the therapist’s unconditional acceptance of the client and the use of empathy. It also recognizes there is no one who is 100% objective, not even the therapist, who is also influenced by his/her context and experiences. The context of the person will affect the experience, therefore, understanding the context is vital to understand the client. Gestalt therapy helps the client move from manipulating the environment for support,  to self-support. It also helps the client reintegrate all the disowned parts of his personality; all those aspects of oneself which have been projected onto others because we feel they are not part of who we are.

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Therapy sweet therapy, in English from Barcelona to the world.

Hi! My name is Emma and I’m a Gestalt Therapist.

I’ll accompany you and give you the support you need to reconnect and align with your inner self so you can feel at home again.

I will provide you with a safe environment in which you will be able to visualize and monitor those aspects of yourself or your life which no longer seem to be in tune. We will work together and I will help you gain awareness to identify what may be holding you back and preventing you from becoming the best version of yourself. Confidentiality will be the basis of our mutual trust and respect.

We know what we are, but know not what we may be.

“William Shakespeare”

Food and Emotional Wellbeing. A holistic approach to health.

Health for me is not fragmented into different areas, on the contrary, I believe our mind, body, energy and spirit are intertwined and what happens in one area inevitably affects the others. This is why taking on a holistic approach to health is of utmost importance if we want to make significant changes in our lives. I am honored to work alongside experts to offer my clients what I believe will help them be the best version of themselves. Watch me talk with Healthy Habits expert Pilar Benítez on the importance of taking on a holistic approach to health. (This is my first video, so I look a bit stiff…next one will be much better! 😉 )

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