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“Emma supo comprenderme y acompañarme en mi búsqueda de ponerle cara a algunos miedos que me atenazan en mi búsqueda del autoconocimiento. Es un ser con una sensibilidad especial, que transmite sencillez y amor. Me sentí cómodo para poder expresarme y bien guiado, cuando mi mente se dispersaba. Fue una experiencia enriquecedora, que me aportó luz en algunos rincones oscuros de mi interior. ¡Gracias Emma!” Gustavo G. Ballesteros


“Emma has really helped and encouraged me to get out of my head. When I first came to her I could barely speak two sentences without stopping to think about what I was saying. With her, I have learned again to slow down and breathe; to start with the first thought and feeling that comes up, and to remember that life continues flowing on.”  

Karsten Hess


“The sessions with Emma Ruiz were always surprising. Sometimes she would guide me with her questions to a totally unexpected topic and insight. While my mind was anticipating something else, I was softly touched and gifted with this valuable realisation. Other times I became very agitated, felt as if I was in a hard argument with her. Yet, as she was completely neutral, I could identify it as my own inner argument. No matter how I felt directly after our sessions, I always had one more insight within two days after it. I have become more aware and conscious about myself and I can accept myself better.”

Fabian Rimmer


“I went to Emma originally because my husband and I were having a crisis in our relationship. I thought it was all about him but it became clear very quickly that it wasn’t about him but about me. I am learning to value myself, give time to myself and nurture myself. Emma has provided a safe and comfortable environment for me to think about myself. The most important thing I have learned is that everything starts from within. We could all benefit from therapy – from taking a little time to understand ourselves better.”

Anonymous Lady


“I had landed in the middle of an existential crisis with a lot of things going on and no idea what to do about them, so I decided to get some help and found Emma online. When I first arrived I was a mess and in quite a panic! As our sessions progressed and time went by for processing I got better. Emma helped me gain insight into my own humanity and let me know that it’s okay to be lost and flawed, it means that I am human and growing. It really helped to talk to someone objective and without any reasons to judge. She helped me process through the most pressing issues and decisions that I was facing and step by step it got a little easier and the panic subsided. Emma is a ray of sunshine and I’m glad to have met her!” Anonymous Lady


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Córcega 218, Barcelona, Spain
Emma: 659 12 68 77
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